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Paula & Wells Ling- St Louis, MO

Ryan came as a recommendation from another photographer friend of ours, and we could not have been happier. My wife and I hate being the center of attention and in front of a camera, so doing an engagement shoot solely focused on us was a very unnatural experience for us. Ryan made us feel so relaxed and he took the most amazing photos that really captured us as a couple. What I love about Ryan's photos is that they don't feel staged and they seem so natural, in that they're not overly produced but the quality of the photos are still so crisp and amazing. On our wedding day, he worked with us to really capture our whole day. He once again really captured the joy of our day with amazing candid shots. He was a consummate professional and was really a fly on the wall, in that we hardly noticed he was there which allowed us to really focusing celebrating our marriage. Ryan was also so amazing in how quickly he turns around the photos. After our wedding, everyone is always asking to see the photos, and Ryan was able to turn the photos around in just a couple of weeks. This was perfect as we had our photos ready to go right after our honeymoon, when the feeling is still so fresh, allowing us to really just go back and be in those moments celebrating with those people.

Even beyond the photography part of the wedding, Ryan is such a fun dude to be around. While never behaving in an unprofessional manner, he was so down to earth, relate-able, and a genuinely fun guy to be around the entire day. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ryan to any of our friends or anyone who would listen (to be honest).

Adam & Shelly Menne / St Louis, MO: 
Our Wedding is one of the most intense and AMAZING parts of our lives. The day was beautiful, the venue decorated, the caterer was ready, our family and friends gathered,  and the stage was set. When it all started it happened so fast! As new husband and wife, we mingled, we danced, we ate, and we were blessed. However, in the blink of an eye the day was over. As we rested in our hotel we discussed the day. Each of us took in different things and people. But as a newly married couple, there were so many interactions we did not get to see. To our blessing, we picked the right Photographer, Ryan Phillips. He communicated with us in advance to understand our needs and wishes. Ryan clearly has an eye for the important parts of our critical day.  

When we received our photographs, we were completely blown away! The day that seemed to simply slip away... but in the background the memory had been perfectly captured. Like he was in my mind all day, he captured every detail. Every table dressing, each loving embrace. Ryan captured the mood of the dance floor, the entertainment, the interactions between our guests in a way we can relive for the rest of our lives.

Our fathers had not previously met, as one lives abroad. unbeknownst to us, our dads went out for "fatherly stroll" to become acquainted. Somehow, Ryan knew what was happening and captured one of the best photos of our fathers that we will cherish forever. As we write this small paragraph, we are reminded some years later that the taste of the food will fade. The Venue you pick will be just a small detail. The music played will become silent. The photographer you select however will be magnified over the years. You could pick a photographer that leaves you wishing you had picked someone else as you look at terribly framed pictures that look like all the others... OR you could select Ryan Phillips and have a happily ever after. If you want to chat about Ryan and our experience with this amazing artist, feel free to look either of us up on Facebook.

Andrew & Nicole Schlereth- St Louis, MO
“We were so lucky to have Ryan as our wedding photographer because he was EVERYWHERE. He got so many angles and moments that I couldn’t be a part of, such as Andrew and his groomsmen getting ready. There are many photos I never would have imagined getting that turned out great. Our wedding was baseball themed and Ryan was very accommodating- working in the special locations and touches we requested for our day. He was attentive, focused and social with our guests, everyone raved about him throughout the night and for days to follow. He captured so many moments that are near and dear to us- from my first look with my father, to casual pictures of the guys hanging out before the ceremony, our first dance, and through the reception. It was perfect.
I have heard horror stories about wedding photo turn-a-round times of over 2 months… Ryan got our photos back to us in a little over two weeks! As we looked through the final product all I could do was relive the day and tears streamed down my cheeks. A day that went by so fast and meant so much to us was captured perfectly for us to reflect on for years and years to come. I would highly recommend giving Ryan a shot with your special day, because you won’t be disappointed- we’re definitely not!”.

Haleigh & Josh Bauer / St Louis, MO
I first discovered Ryan on Instagram and thought he was an amazing photographer just by the details he captures in his photographs. As soon as we got engaged, I knew he was the one I wanted to have photograph our big day. Our engagement photos were effortless because Ryan was so warm and reassuring. There can be some awkwardness in taking photos with your significant other for the first time and having to be super emotional in front of a camera- but Ryan took that awkwardness away and really captured some amazing photographs. Leading up to our wedding day he was super thorough with all of the details and made sure we were comfortable with all of the minor details of photographing a wedding (timelines etc.). Ryan was patient and creative despite the variety of ages and personalities that made up our wedding party. When our photographs were sent to us after the wedding, I was completely in awe. They made me laugh and cry (happy tears of course). My wedding day is honestly a complete blur but all of the details of the day came together when Ryan sent us every beautiful photograph. The clarity and detail of each photograph was amazing. After showing all of my bridal party the photographs they were also in awe of how amazing the photographs turned out. Even those that have already gotten married said that their wedding photos did not turn out as good as ours. We cannot thank Ryan enough for being so humble, patient, and creative and for capturing the most important day of our lives so beautifully.

Ashley & Matt Amelung / St Louis, MO: From the moment I said, "Yes!" we knew Ryan had to be there to capture us saying, "I do." We had no doubt Ryan would make our day special for us and his photos proved that to be true. We met Ryan, along with our entire family to do the family photos first. Keeping twenty people together, looking the same way and smiling is not an easy task, but Ryan made it look effortless. After family photos, he took my husband and me to a nature reserve for our photos. We had to climb through brush and bushes, but it resulted in the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen. As someone who has never been in front of a camera before, Ryan guided me when he recognized I felt lost in a sea of poses. He is such a standout person, with as many talents as there are stars, and those qualities truly shine through in his photography. Ryan was able to capture so many special moments before, during and after our big day, and he did it with style and without distraction. Ryan’s mastery of his gear and his surrounding environment puts him in a league above the rest. The quality of his photos are incomparable, he makes each event unique. When you hire Ryan, you’re not just getting a wedding photographer, but a go-to photographer for life. Six months later and I still look at my wedding photos with excitement and awe. Thank you Ryan, for truly making our wedding day the best day ever!

Lauren & Chris Blair / St Louis, MO: 
We couldn’t have been happier with Ryan and the photos that he took of our wedding and reception.  Ryan was fun and laid-back and managed to herd my crazy family without breaking a sweat or bringing any stress to the situation.  We loved the energy and enthusiasm he had for his work and that he brought to our special event.  We chose Ryan because his portfolio had many candid and unique, artistic shots and that is exactly what he delivered.  The wedding pictures he took for us are not like anyone else’s and capture the spirit of my husband, me, and our friends and family—not to mention, many of them are beautiful works of art.  Ryan and his photos were a shining spot of our wedding experience.  

Johnny & Maleah Venus / St Louis, MO: 
I've had the distinct privilege of watching first hand Ryan's photography skills blossom from a simple hobby to pro status in a very short time. Being in a band with him we are pretty spoiled, as almost everything is able to be done "in-house" ...songwriting, merch designs, web name a few...but most recently we could add "band photographer" to the list!! His editing and Photoshop skills to me have always been most impressive but the content had to come from nowadays he takes the pictures himself and turns them into works of art! So it was what they call a 'no-brainer' that we enlist Ryan to shoot our wedding. He captured our best and favorite day perfectly! His vision is unique and storytelling. This may be insight to how busy my mind was but I never once saw him that day but he got so many amazing shots...he was like a stealthy ninja! But when it comes down to it, yes Ryan is one of my best friends but as the photographer you're considering for your event, he is genuine, professional, driven but most importantly, passionate....he loves his camera and it shows. Thanks dude!! Maleah and I love you, your family and your work!

Phil & Andrea Billingham / St Louis, MO: 
Ryan is the definition of RAD! Let's face it, hiring a wedding photographer is a lifetime decision. The mere thought of it can be overwhelming. After meeting with Ryan, we knew we were in good hands. He knows how to walk you through it and helps take the edge off. Working with Ryan is great throughout the entire process. He is a true professional and his work is exceptional. He even went above and beyond to accommodate our multiple locations. He did an absolutely amazing job capturing the moment on our special day! We love you Ryan!

Christina & Josh Dobson / St Louis, MO: Ryan shot our engagement photos and the process could not have been smoother! He was easy to communicate with and made us both feel extremely comfortable through the whole thing. Truth is, we can both be pretty awkward but Ryan made it easy - he had lots of ideas for poses/shots and kept us laughing the whole time. He also accommodated some wardrobe changes and dealt with our two sassy dogs for photos! After the shoot, Ryan was super quick at getting us our photos and they turned out great! Even several months later when I needed the files again, Ryan was there to cover me. I highly recommend Ryan - great guy and great photographer!