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About Tonight Tonight

Tonight Tonight is a St Louis wedding photography studio founded by established freelance photographer Ryan Phillips.

As a successful musician, Ryan spent much of the last 15 years traveling the world. Early in his career, enamored by the aesthetic wonder of these foreign places, Ryan discovered a passion documenting his surroundings and experiences. When not on stage he was roaming whatever city he woke up in, a camera was always in his hands.

Ryan naturally gravitated toward photographing people, and after 7 years as a full time freelance photographer, he added wedding photography to his skill-set and Tonight Tonight was born!

As an artistic person by nature, Ryan approaches every wedding with the intention of making timeless photos that tell a story & evoke emotion. He is a pro at cheerfully organizing people for the posed shots (you gotta get those!), but his magic is capturing the candid moments: The belly laugh, the tears, the laughter, the look between a father and the bride- the authentic moments where people don't know they are being photographed. Those are the photos that never go out of style, and Ryan's calling card. 

A unique, artistic background as a globe-trotting musician surely influences the way Ryan interprets the world through his lens. This is what most separates him from the average wedding photographer: He's innately searching for dramatic & creative ways to capture the moment. Whether that's unconventional angles, utilizing light and shadow, or a host of tricks he's learned over the years, he's repeatedly told from clients that they appreciate how he can make something as simple as a pair of wedding shoes or a groomsman fixing a tie look artistic.

From Ryan: 

"I'm one of those fortunate people who loves their job. I bring enthusiasm & energy to every shoot, and at the risk of sounding cheesy, I love a good wedding! I'm great with people, I'm a total pro but kind of goof-ball. I've won awards, I've been published in magazines like St Louis Bride, and I feel confident that you won't find a better photographer at my price point!"

If you are interested in booking Ryan to photograph your wedding, engagement, or both please visit the Contact Page and submit your info. 

Have a great day!

Ryan Phillips - 
St Louis Wedding & Engagement Photographer